Andrea Keiz
While finishing her studies as a biologist in Göttingen Andrea Keiz started an education as a teacher for dance improvisation. Through that she got involved in Contact Improvisation as well as in other improvisational work, release based technique and bodywork. After a few years of working in different constellations in different countries, she started to work with video as a tool to relate to movement. 1995 she moved to Berlin. The knowledge of contact Improvisation was constantly built.
Since 2000 she is working in the field of video documentation of contemporary dance in Berlin. She is doing documentation of festivals, live video work in performance as well as artistic video work.
Besides filming, she is also editing, advising students in documentation, offering workshops in video//dance and perception: How to use video as a media, which can possibly transport more of a dance then simply a reproduction of an image. A constant arising question.