Verstehen nicht Verstehen (2016)

Cultural Prize of the county Göttingen 2016

Direction: Hanna Hegenscheidt
By and with: the children of the 1rst grade of the Brother Grimm School
Concept and Dramaturgy: Sonja Bachmann
Costumes and stage: Hanna Hegenscheidt und das Team des Theater Göttingen
Collaboration: Dagmar Brenning

Premiere: June 19th, 2016

18 children from 10 nations on the stage of the Deutsches Theater Göttingen. They speak different languages and come from diverse cultures. Their familiy histories and their looks vary significantly from each other. So do their habits and rituals.
In small and big situations and encounters the children go on a journey, using movement, but also text: Which part of my body is moving, when I hear "bäzu"? How do I trust, when I don´t understand anything? How can I confuse the person across from me on purpose? Which language does my body speak? What is allowed and what is forbidden? Where are our commonalities? And what don´t I understand? Countless misunderstandings occur - but also enlightening understanding.

As part of SCHOOL AND CULTURE! the Brüder-Grimm-Schule Göttingen and the Deutsche Theater Göttingen collaborated for the entire season 2015/16 to create this piece.