Press - Plisch und Plum

Tina Evers, Göttinger Tageblatt July 7th, 2015:

Orderly Chaos
"Plisch and Plum, based losely on the story by Wilhelm Busch, directed by Hanna Hegenscheidt, made children as well as adults laugh heartily. With a lot of physical engagement the actors Angelika Fornell, Nikolaus Kühn and Karl Miller managed a split between order and complete chaos. (...) Equipped with stuffed animals, wigs, life-size puppets and a lot of foam building blocks they repeatedly let the stage decend into chaos. As soon as they clean up a new turmoil arises. (...) Inevitabely the audience breaks into laughter. (...) The elaborate and carefully choreographed dance sequences are very charming. Despite all the chaos, nobody is thrown off balance. Rhythmical word plays with endless repetitions recall structures believed to have been lost."